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An online store named CHEAP CHANEL, which previously attempted to sell replica Chanel bags, watches, wallets and other illegal merchandise, once appeared at this location under this domain. The store operations were ordered by a United States District Court to be closed permanently. Additionally, the former website owners who no longer control and operate Cheap Chanel were ordered to relinquish the domain name to CHANEL to prevent the name from being used for illegal purposes again.

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Welcome to our newly redone website. This site was formerly an online store, Cheap Chanel, which previously sold replica luxury handbags, wallets, shoes, sunglasses and watches at discount outlet prices. Fake Chanel is no longer being sold here. We are now here to recognize the elegance and luxury of CHANEL, and to remind everyone that if it's cheap, it's probably not actually CHANEL. Replica Chanel products are fakes and illegal as well.

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This replica shop was once open for business as a replica Chanel shopping website which offered cheap wallets (Official Price: $185, Our Price: $51.99); cheap high top boots (Official Price: $780, Our Price: $88.98); as well as imitation sneakers, replica sandals, fake Chanel sunglasses, knockoff Chanel watches and cheap replica purses. This merchandise is no longer available for purchase.

The replica items described above were fakes were illegally for sale by disreputable individuals failing to abide by the laws governing counterfeit goods. Due to this fact, a U.S. District Court decided and ordered that the store be closed permanently and damages owed to be paid immediately.

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